Uhle Earl Hohensee

The NINE images below are basically photos of my father Uhle Earl Hohensee. 

Liddie Hohensee Chapman (1885 - 1974)
Distribution: An autobiography by Liddie Hohensee
Lidie Chapman is daughter of Gustave Ferdinand Hohensee and Mary Florence Hohensee
Published April 24, 1962
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Post #010:  July 22nd, 2017


"How To Make Symbols With Keyboard"


I was browsing the internet a few years ago and discovered how to make symbols with you keyboard.  Hold down "Alt", then click the number(s).  These are just a few others out there! Using "Google Search" search for "how to make symbols with a keyboard".  There are thousands out there...



Alt + 3:  ♥

Alt + 0191:  ¿


Note:  Depending on your keyboard, but some symbols may NOT be the same as in the list on display.  An example:  Alt + 8271:  O   

↑↑↑ Click Image to Enlarge      ♫ ♥ ♠ ¶ ™ ¿ ☺ ↑↓                                                    Enjoy... ajhohensee

Post #009:  July 22nd, 2017


"Cajun Mosquito"


A friend of mine showed me this on his cellphone at the American Legion Post in Raceland, La. while playing bingo.  ☺



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Post #008:  June 30th, 2017


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"Picture Hanging Jig"

was a post in my "old" website.  Here it is again...


About three  years ago I made a couple of dozen of these.  They were all gone in a couple of weeks.  I saw a jig lik this on the internet but it was very cheaply make and was made of plastic, not wood and sold for about twelve bucks (plus four bucks for shipping)!  Make one out of wood and it would last forever.   If you have any questions about making one yhourself, please feel free to call me.  ajhohensee

Post #007:  June 29th, 2017


"Portable" software?  What the heck is portable software?  What is the advantage of portable software?


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Portable software is a software that can be run without an installation inside your computer or laptop or from a flashdrive.  After you use a flashdrive and decide you no longer want it simply delete it and it will be GONE.  NO uninstall.  Instructions are very easy to understand.  If you look on the large for "How to extract:", it says to "Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice."  After doing this, to "launch" it simply click the .exe folder in the folder you extracted it to.   The #1 website for "Portable Freeware" is "www.portablefreeware.com".   This site has thousands and thousands of portable software and adds more and more quite often.   Click HERE to get to this site.  Suggestions:  #1:  When you create a folder ALWAYS put the word (Portable) at the end of it. Why?  Its just a reminder that it IS a "portable" software and it can be DELETED... NO uninstall.  An example of one of my portable softwares is:  Everything v2.4.300 (Portable) .   #2  If you have a bunch of portable softwares create a folder named something like "Portable Software ONLY".  ONLY put portable software in this folder.  When you are looking for a specific portable software, you will know it is in her.  I use over fifty (50) portables!  Not many people even know what "Portable Software" is.  If you have any questions about "portables" call me.  Enjoy.   ajh           

 Post #006:  June 25, 2017

WHAT THE HECK IS THIS???  I SAW IT IN MY BACK YARD!  Raise your volume... it's sound is very very weird!  CLICK HERE !



Click HERE to open "Listen To YouTube" website.


Enjoy!  ajh

Why do I rather send text messages via eMail insead of from my cell phone?


My reason is I have a business and  each time I want to text a customer I have to add them to my cellphone to  text them, which results in my list getting longer and longer!


On the internet, I found "How To Send Text Messages Via eMail".  Now, when I want to text a customer I get their text/eMail address and add it to my custom list in my email account with "1and1".  It is VERY easy for me to send text via eMail.   I get on my desktop computer, open my eMail account, click their "text/eMail) address, type the message I what to text/eMail them, then click "send"... it is DONE.  A couple of seconds later, I am verified the text was sent successfully.  So far, EVERY single one I sent was successful.  "Almost" every person I told about this looked at me like I was crazy and thought I was joking... they never heard of such a thing! 


NOTE:  Click HERE for "Digital Trends" (same page as I copied above).  Click HERE for "Free Carrier Lookup".   ajh


Post #002: June 24th, 2017 - This is the funniest "politically related" statement this commedian has ever made!  Enjoy...


The real name of the commedian is "Daniel Lawrence Whitney", better known as "Larry the Cable Guy".  Click "HERE" to visit his website.


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Post #001: June 24th, 2017 - I am posting this as a "starter".  This video is fairly funny... it is about "hanging a picture".  Enjoy.  Click HERE

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