Still in business? YES!  Absolutely!  I AM still open for business, BUT because of the economy, I have been open "part-time" since July 2015.  My days/hours DO change two to three times a year, so click "Current Days/Hours" to check my schedule or CALL ME.  My cell #: (987) 860-7742

☻...and now the NEWS!...↓↓↓

                                                                                                                                                                            (Posted on October 15th, 2021)

Breaking NEWS!  As of November 2nd (I am now using my "vacation days".), I will NO LONGER work at CLHS.   What will I be doing besides custom picture framing?  Basic carpentry like cabinetry, removing and reinstalling damaged ceiling tile, install doors, installing sheetrock, panelling, etc., etc., etc...!! There has been a BIG, I mean B-I-G demand for carpenters not only after the hurricane but even before it.  Customers who knew I use to be a carpenter by trade would ask if I could do some carpenter work for them.  I declined because of the picture framing business.  So... and I have said it over and over, I will NOT stop custom framing.  However, my days and hours will be changed dramatically.  After I "get on track" doing carpentry I will then be able to flex the hours of "The Frame Shop".  I am "considering" being open ALL day on Fridays and Saturdays.  REMINDER: AS USUALL, I WILL ALWAYS OPEN ALL DAY ON SATURDAYS!  Keep posted.  Questions? Call me!   My cell #: (985) 860-7742.  Tks. for the business!  ajhohensee

VERY IMPORTANT!!! ↓ ↓ ↓            (Posted on August 24th 2020)


I STOPPED accepting credit cards back in 2015 because of the "chip".  It just would not pay me to invest in the new credit card equipment.   Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. 



I posted this on my OLD website a couple of years ago... just something you might want to know.  The last one I did using old barnwood was a photo of an old barn a few days before it was torn down.  I was told the old barn was built in the early 40s.  Call me for more info.  Tks.  ajh

Post # N002:  June 24th, 2017 (Edited June 28th 2017)  Find and click "." on this website.  I decided to "sort of" hide it making it "semi-private" without naming it.  Why I don't want it to "stand out" like a sore thumb?  Because the "contents" will very seldom be related to my framing business.  It WILL NOT contain anything I would consider "junk" or "adult content"!  NO password is needed.  Sooooo.... simply find it and "click it... (or double click it)".   If you can't find it, and would like to know where it is, CALL me or email me the request.  One you know where it is, it's location will NEVER change.  I promise. What I put on this page may amaze you! 

Post # N001:  June 24th, 2017:  My wesite is COMPLETE!  Enjoy it.  I will have a "Special Offer" in the VERY near future!  ajh

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